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Creating this content takes a lot of time, but it also has recurring costs, which continue to increase as we reach more people interested in Freemasonry. Among these costs we have web hosting costs, storage and bandwidth fees, audio and video editing software, recording equipment, lighting, etc. Your support is crucial in helping us continue to produce edifying content that can make a difference in another Mason’s life.

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The content we provide through our Podcast and YouTube channel is FREE but it takes real money to produce, maintain, and distribute. We are passionate about providing high-quality Masonic Education and Inspiration, which is why we have been doing this since 2012 and show no signs of stopping. The podcast episodes and videos created for The Winding Stairs are made possible in great part by the generosity of an amazing group of people who said: “Count on me!”

If you want to be a part of those amazing people who help us continue to make quality content and help us with their feedback and direction, please consider joining our Patreon Campaign.